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      Teenager with Cerebral Palsy spreads cheer

      A young Negaunee cheerleader with Cerebral Palsy is spreading school spirit and changing the lives of those chanting beside her.

      You're always loved with the Negaunee High School cheerleaders. Their love shines brighter when they're with sophomore Madi Kytta.

      "She's outgoing. She speaks her mind. She's caring, she's the most caring person you will meet," said Johanna Harvey, cheerleader.

      Sixteen-year-old Madi has Cerebral Palsy and it's affected the left side of her body. However, that hasn't stopped her from doing what she loves.

      It's her first year with the Negaunee High School cheerleading squad and they have embraced her like none other.

      "It's heartwarming really. Just, it makes me feel so happy," said Madi Kytta.

      Madi has weakness on her left arm and leg so she can't do stunts, but she is able to cheer. When she's having trouble learning the choreography the cheerleaders immediately help her through it.

      "She has come such a long way in such a short period of time. It amazes me just to watch her," said Kristin DeMarois.

      Madi's fellow cheerleaders say they don't see her disability. After getting to know her, all the other cheerleaders see is her bubbly caring personality.

      They say having her on the squad has changed them.

      "It's taught me to dare to be different, to not care and to not conform," said Alaina Stenfors, Squad Captain.

      Madi's message for others, don't let a disability stand in your way.

      "Don't judge a book by its cover. Really just have fun with your life. You never know when your time is up," Madi Kytta said.