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      Teenagers of Menominee River shooting remembered

      It was a typical late afternoon in July on the Menominee River, but for family and friends of Tiffany Pohlson, Anthony Spigarelli, and Bryan Mort, it was an afternoon that turned deadly.

      At the East Kingsford train bridge in 2008, four teenagers were shot; three of them died after the killer, Scott Johnson, hiding out in the woods, went on a shooting spree. His plan was to shoot the teenagers in order to attract police officers, who he was then planning to take out as well.

      Johnson, 38 at the time of the incident, was a Kingsford graduate who had joined the military after school. Heâ??s now in prison, serving a life sentence, without parole.

      Wednesday evening, a memorial was held to mark the fifth anniversary of the special lives lost in a senseless act of violence.

      â??It doesn't seem like five years later,â?? said friend, Christopher Ashburn. â??It seems like it just happened a little while ago; it still seems fresh.â??

      Chris was a friend of Bryan Mort and remembers the teenager he used to hang out with.

      â??He was fun; he was a lot of fun. He always loved to have a good time, and he always liked to try new things. We were always doing a lot of fun things together. He was a good guy,â?? said Ashburn.

      Friends of Tiffany, Tony, and Bryan said that hot July day was a whirlwind of emotions, but the memories they have of their friends are all they have to hold on to for the rest of their lives.