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      Teens cause fire, damaging volunteer-built playground

      Damage to a playground caused by fireworks in Grand Marais

      Officials say fireworks have damaged a playground in Grand Marais.

      The Alger County Sheriff's Department responded to the call of a fire at Bayshore Park on July 5. Officials say the fire started when two teens were playing with fireworks.

      The plastic jungle gym melted when fireworks ignited the woodchips below.

      "All the labor that went into it was all volunteer labor," said Burt Township Supervisor, Joe Venturato. "And the fundraisers that the ladies here had funded and got going to raise money for it. Obviously they're pretty ticked off about the whole thing; to think that this could happen here."

      The playground was built last May at cost of about $75,000. No word yet on the cost of the damage, but city officials are looking to replace it.

      The Alger County Sheriff's Department is still investigating the incident.