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      Teens craft for community

      Black nail polish, blue hair, and stretched earlobes are some of the first things that may catch your eye when you see these teens, but if you look closer, you will notice something else.

      "I am crocheting a baby blanket. This blanket that I'm working on is going to go to a good cause," said Tyler Kemp.

      Kemp is one of four teens who spend every weekend in Rena Yelle's hair salon, making things for people in need.

      "You got people that just think we're bad kids by the way we dress, but that's not the case," said Andy Auston.

      The group is also making wishing wells. They plan on selling them and using the money to buy more materials.

      "Just knowing that I'm doing something, not for myself, but for someone else and it's going to go and do good for other people just makes me feel better about myself, just knowing that I'm helping someone that couldn't do it on their own," said Deserae Fortin.

      They even got a special visit from their favorite band, The Monsters, after the band heard what the teens were doing.

      "These are really good kids, and as soon as Rena told me what was going on, I found out that we had a couple of fans of my music, so I made sure to help however I could," said Aaron Peano, musician.

      The teens are also proving that you can't judge a book by its cover.

      If you would like to help out these teens you can contact Rena Yelle at 906-225-0194.