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      Teens from Colombia hit the slopes for the first time

      A group of Colombian tourists are visiting the U.P. for the very first time.

      On Monday, the teens headed to Marquette Mountain to learn how to ski. First, they had to put on all of their snow gear and then it was time to learn the proper ski techniques.

      No one in the group was feeling too daring so they stuck with skiing down the bunny slope.

      For 11 young women, the trip is a coming of age celebration known as a quincenera. Most of them have never seen, snow but they say the trip was definitely worth it.

      "I love the U.P. I think it's pretty. I love the snow and the activities. This is our first time doing this, so we are excited about doing the skiing experience, so let's see if we want to do it again," said Lina Castiblanco, visitor.

      On Sunday, the group got to experience a sled dog ride.

      Monday is the final day of the group's five day vacation to the U.P.

      The last thing to check off their list is ice skating.