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      Teens sentenced for animal cruelty

      Two Escanaba teens who pleaded guilty to torturing cattle at a farm in Wilson last July were sentenced Monday in Menominee County Circuit Court.

      Eighteen-year-old Nicholas Michael Leisner and 17-year-old Peter John Sauve are charged with three counts of torturing or killing an animal. They were both sentenced to a minimum of two years to a maximum of four years in prison for all three counts. The sentences will be served concurrently at the Michigan Department of Corrections. The teens were arrested after they tortured three red angus cattle on the farm of Gary Niarhos in Wilson. Two pregnant heifers had to be euthanized, and the two-year-old bull suffered a broken jaw.

      "Because you've had a significant negative incident that has very seriously affected these victims and the community as a whole, that doesn't mean your future is nonexistent," said the judge.

      A third defendant, 17-year-old Chad Meier, Jr., will enter a plea or be scheduled for a trial at a hearing February 13.