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      Teens sentenced for breaking and entering

      Mugshot of Ruben Sifuentes

      The two teens who pled guilty to breaking and entering into an Oasis Gas Station in Shingleton in April were sentenced Friday in Alger County Circuit Court.

      Eighteen-year-old Ruben Sifuentes and 17-year-old Brandon Monroe were sentenced under the Holmes Youthful Trainee Act (HYTA).

      If Sifuentes and Monroe follow all of the guidelines of their plea deal, their charges will be dismissed and the information on both cases will stay out of their public record.

      On Sunday, April 28 Sifuentes and Monroe entered the Oasis Gas Station around 4 a.m.

      The store owner, a military veteran, was still inside and saw both teens trying to steal money from an empty cash register. He confronted them with a loaded gun and the teens fled.

      The store owner called 911 and the teens were taken into custody the next day.