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      Teeth whitening: Professional or drug store method?

      Teeth whitening is a procedure that can be done at a dentistâ??s office or in your home.

      Prior to trying either of these, it is important to have a dental exam to ensure there are no existing conditions that whitening could worsen. Teeth whitening can be done at a variety of prices. Store bought white strips can range anywhere from $20 to over $60 while professional procedures can range between $69 to $150. But which procedure is better for you?

      Dentist Paul Jacobs said in general the store strips do work, temporarily, and there is not a lot of danger when used sparingly.

      â??The teeth will get whiter for a time,â?? said Jacobs. â??But, over a period of a month or two it will just fade back to where it was and it requires a constant upgrade, which is more chemicals.â??

      Itâ??s that frequent usage that can lead to enamel damage and more brittle and transparent teeth. To avoid these issues, he recommends using the professional method.

      â??It is in a controlled environment so thereâ??s a lot less sensitivity and the professional tooth whitening will give you the fastest, safest whitening possible,â?? Jacobs said.

      Most clients can expect to be six to eight shades whiter.

      â??It was really easy, it wasnâ??t uncomfortable,â?? said professional whitening patient, Abby Milavec. â??I really like the results, theyâ??re like really white.â??

      If you do feel any discomfort during either whitening process, the product should be removed immediately.