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      Temple Jacob celebrates 100 years

      Marjorie Kahn Druckman and Karen Reiss Lee are the great-granddaughters of Jacob Gartner. Jacob Gartner and his son, Isadore, were Jewish immigrants who came from Germany to Hancock as peddlers. In 1883 they opened Gartner's, a department store, in downtown Hancock."When my father was 21, actually my grandfather said to my father, 'I'd like you to come and manage the store.' My grandfather didn't love business a whole lot, and so my father agreed to do that," said Druckman.Norbert Khan ran the department store, and before the Holocaust, Khan brought 36 Jews to America.With a significant Jewish population, a synagogue was built. Jacob Gartner was one of the biggest contributors."We're so happy to see other generations taking over because it's home to us. It's where we grew up, where our roots are," said Lee.One hundred years of Jewish heritage is on display in the Carnegie Museum. Museum Director, Elise Nelson, says thereâ??s a lot to learn from such a vibrant history."I hope they learn a little more about the area and how really rich and varied it is in terms of its history and the people,â?? said Nelson.All of the items will be on display inside the museum until next spring.