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      Ten years after the Dead River Flood

      Silver Lake

      May 14, 2013 is the 10-year anniversary of the Dead River Flood.

      High amounts of rain, snowmelt, and a failed earthen dike on the Silver Lake Basin sent an estimated eight to nine billion gallons of water into the Dead River 10 years ago.

      "A significant amount of earth was moved. A lot of trees that were taken out. There was property damage in the woods themselves and also to some residents that were in low lying areas," said Robert Meyers, project manager, UPPCO.

      It cost $8.5 million to rebuild the dam. The project was completed in 2008. A new concrete spillway was also put into place.

      After a decade, Silver Lake is finally back to its maximum lake level.

      "Along with that, we created several acres of wetland and rebuilt the stream to accommodate wildlife and fish habitat," said Shawn Puzen, environmental consultant for UPPCO.

      The Tourist Park Dam in Marquette was also damaged in the flood. The dam was restored and completed December, 2012. The restoration cost five million dollars.

      "We breached that gap that had been created from the flood with a concrete core wall, two training walls and then a new spillway," said Eric Booth, manager of planning and utility from the Board of Light and Power.

      With a secondary spillway, the new dam is built to withstand a similar or bigger flood event.