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      Tents or RVs?

      So, you want to go camping, but how do you get started? Where should you go?

      And that's the beauty of camping--you will never run out of places to camp, and you have endless options when it comes to the style of camping you choose.

      "One of the great things about the U.P. is, there are different ways to camp. You can go rustic camping, or you can get a full hookup in a state park. The numerous campgrounds in the U.P. just make it great for people of all varieties," said Dave Korpi, Sales Manager at Hilltop RV Superstore in Ishpeming.

      According to State Park Supervisor Doug Barry, rustic camping seems to be the most sought-after option lately. Rustic camping involves as little home amenities as possible...just food, water, and wilderness.

      "I see a lot of people going for the back country wilderness-type experience, and that seems to be real popular with folks. They like to get away from it all, and their cell phone's not going to be beeping all the time. I think that people really want to get outdoors," said Doug Barry, Supervisor for Van Riper, Craig Lake, and Escanaba State Parks.

      But just because rustic camping is popular, that doesn't mean campers all around the Upper Peninsula have tucked away their RVs.

      RVs, or recreational vehicles, are usually called "campers" here in the U.P. Campers are basically miniature homes on wheels and can be hooked up at a campsite to have electricity, running water, and sewage.

      And the other "essentials" campers come with, really depends on the type.

      "Sometimes they may go with what we call a 'pop-up' or a 'fold-down,' sometimes people call it. And that's a beginning camper for people. It's low price, gets them into the camping season, can be towed by just about anything," Korpi said.

      And for those who can afford a taste of the good life, there are plenty of mansions on wheels!

      From roughing it in the forest to sipping tea in your recliner, there is a camping style for everyone.

      And campers say the most important thing when camping is to feel relaxed. It is considered a vacation, after all!