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      Testimony continues in armed robbery trial

      Day two of the Ruben Rodriguez trial continued in Munising on Wednesday.

      The 35-year-old man, along with three others, allegedly broke into a Munising Township home last February, held the owner at gun point and robbed him.

      Rodriguez is facing charges of armed robbery and home invasion. On Wednesday in court the prosecutor called several investigators and law enforcement officers that presented several pieces of evidence to the jury.

      Sgt. Todd Johnston of the Michigan State Police testified that he did the initial photo lineup with the victim who was able to identify two of the four men, Israel Velez and Rodriguez.

      Johnston also testified that a U-Haul was recovered at the Super 8 through the initial questioning of the four suspects. In the truck was a receipt for the rental to Israel Velez, one of the four alleged in the incident, and also a spent shell casing for a .38 caliber, which was also located in the home.

      The sergeant's testimony additionally revealed empty walkie-talkie containers, masking tape, and a U-Haul receipt, billed to one of the suspects Israel Velez, was also recovered from that same vehicle.

      After recess George Carmona, one of the four alleged men, took the stand testifying that he became acquainted with the defendant through work.

      Carmona says that initially Rodriguez asked him for help with a moving job. Later, when he learned the true nature of the trip, Carmona testified that he felt inclined to help the defendant because he too was a fellow ex-marine.

      The witness explained to the jury that the plan was to "pick up marijuana that Frandson owed Velez and some of his acquaintances" and "if Frandson was unwilling to pay for this marijuana that he owed Velez" it would be taken by force.

      Tomorrow both the prosecutor and defense attorney are expected to rest and make closing arguments.