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      Testimony continues in Ishpeming murder trial

      Jack Carpenter

      The murder trial of 52-year-old Jack Carpenter resumed at 8:30 Thursday morning.

      Carpenter is facing murder charges in the June 2012 death of 29-year-old David Meyer. The defense is arguing that Carpenter acted in self defense, but prosecutor Matt Wiese says that Carpenter was the attacker and under the influence of alcohol at the time of the shooting.

      The prosecution called Justin Saari to the stand. He's charged with conspiring to produce Meth. Saari admitted to seeing David Meyer being shot.

      He said he drove to Snyder's drug with Meyer and Carpenter to purchase ingredients to make Meth.

      He also stated Carpenter and Meyer were arguing once they arrived back at Carpenter's Ishpeming home and started shoving each other before sitting down in the living room chairs.

      "Mr.Carpenter picked up the gun and then Dave said, pardon my language, 'effin shoot me' and then bang. I was like oh no," said Justin Saari, witness.

      The prosecution questioned him about how the living room was arranged at the time of the shooting. According to deputies the body was found lying on the floor in the living room, but Saari explains otherwise.

      Saari said Meyer never got up and his body was still in the chair across from Carpenter after the shooting.

      "He said 'I don't want you to go to the law' and he asked, told me, to help bury the body," Saari said.

      The Defense though is questioning Saari's credibility. According to the defense attorney Karl Numinen, during a taped conversation between Saari and Numinen at the Marquette County Jail, Saari told a different story.

      "I was telling you what you wanted to hear," Saari said. "That's not my question. Do you recall telling me that you heard David Meyer say to Carpenter I'm going to kick your ass," said Numinen. "I don't recall that," Saari adds.

      The prosecution also called expert witness, forensic pathologist, Dr. George Krzymowski. The prosecution questioned him about where the gunshot wound was on Meyer's head.

      Krzymowski said, according to his autopsy, that the bullet traveled through the soft palate of the mouth, into the brain, and out of the skull with an upward path into the wall. He was also questioned where the gun was in relation to the body when it was discharged.

      "[The autopsy] tells us the gun was not in his mouth or a hand was not in a very close range to the face. It had to be several feet away," said Krzymowski.

      He was also questioned on the types of illegal substances found in Meyer's body during the autopsy. Krzymowski stated that there were only prescription drugs except for marijuana.

      The prosecution also called Sergeant John Bruno to testify on his documentation of the scene.

      Prosecution is expecting to call additional witnesses to the stand on Friday.

      We will continue to follow this trial and provide updates here and on our TV6 Early News at 6 p.m. You can also follow us on Twitter for updates.