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      Testimony reveals murder victim and suspect had a deal

      Day two in the murder trial of Kenneth Peters

      The Kenneth Peters murder trial continued on Thursday in Gogebic County court.

      The 50-year-old Bessemer man is charged with first and second degree murder of his 79-year-old wife, Ethel Grzena Peters. On Thursday, court began with shocking testimony from Evan Pumula, a neighbor who frequently visited the victim.

      Evan testified seeing the defendant shove Ethel on multiple occasions when he got angry, both in and out of the home.

      "How would he shove her?" asked Prosecutor Richard Adams.

      "With his hands," replied Pumula.

      He continued to testify that during a fishing trip with the couple, Ethel was shoved on the stairs of a cabin and fell, bumping and bruising her head against the railing. Pumula also claimed on one incident, Peters shoved the 79 year old with a chainsaw, bruising her back.

      The next witness seemed to do even more damage to the defendant's case.

      Kayla Palmeter, an in-home nurse for Grzena, said the first time she sat down with the couple, they explained their living situation.

      "He agreed to marry her and he would get the house?" Adams asked.

      "Yes," said Palmeter.

      She testified that the two informed her they had a deal. Peters would marry and care for Ethel until her death in exchange for the house after her passing.

      The next witness Larry Wilczewski, an UpCap social worker, said he also was familiar with the couples' arrangement.

      He said Peters informed him the marriage was nothing more than a deal. On August 1, only days before Ethel went missing, he testified the defendant was angry after discovering the victim's daughter was on the deed of the house and not him.