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      Testimony says sexual assault victim tended to over-react in situations

      The sexual assault trial of Harold Markham, the former pastor of a Norway church, entered day two Wednesday in a Marinette County, Wisconsin courtroom. The Prosecution called a character witness for the victim. Susan Lockwood, the director of a sexual assault center, was on the stand. She says victims sometimes wait months or years before they tell someone about what happened.

      Her comments were in response to why the allegations are just now surfacing, years after the alleged incident. The Prosecution rested their case on Wednesday afternoon. The Defense started their case after a break. Two brothers of the victim took the stand. They said the victim had a tendency to over-react in situations. They said she was acting out as a teenager. One of the brothers said the victim told him in May 2011 that she was inappropriately touched by the suspect, four years earlier.

      This apparent incident was after the alleged original sexual assault happened. Attorneys for Markham say he could take the stand in his own defense. The trial is expected to stretch into Thursday.