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      Texans and Arizonans help build home in the Upper Peninsula

      It was a scorcher on Wednesday in Iron Mountain, but that didn't stop volunteers at Habitat for Humanity Menominee River from making a difference, and it definitely didn't stop those who came all the way from Texas and Arizona to lend a helping hand.

      â??We came up last year and built a house in Norway with the affiliate, and we just had a wonderful time that we said, 'Oh! Weâ??re going to come back and see the affiliate again and do the build again!â?? Weâ??re kind of hooked on them,â?? said co-team leader from Texas, Kathi Ritchie.

      These Southern volunteers are part of a group called Care-A-Vanners. "What it is, is people, once they retire, if they have an RV or a motor home or a travel trailer, go from location to location,â?? Ritchie said.

      On Wednesday, they teamed up with the core group from the Habitat for Hhumanity Menominee River affiliate. â??Our core group works year-round; we work on Mondays and Wednesdays all through the year from eight to twelve,â?? said core group worker, Carol Carli.

      The teams worked to secure the trusses and the frame of the house, but thatâ??s not all they do for the homes they help to build. "We do all of the inside finishing, all of the trim, hang all the doors, all the windows,â?? Carli said.

      And while hammering in trusses in 90 degree weather may look sticky and uncomfortable, Kathi from Texas says, "Itâ??s the best feeling in the world."