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      Text help from Dial Help

      A new text messaging service is now available through Dial Help, a suicide prevention hotline in the Keweenaw.

      Teenagers have the second highest suicide rate, and with 88 percent of teen cell phone users also using text messages, Dial Help wants teens to know the service is available. All you have to do is enter the number, and a Dial Help specialist will immediately respond to the text message.

      "Teenagers, especially ages 12 to 17, are more likely to text message instead of call, walk-in, or even live chat with us on the Internet. Text messaging is what teens are most comfortable with, so we are trying to meet them where they're at with their communication modes," said Eliisa Laitila, Crisis Unit Program Manager for Dial Help.

      National Suicide Prevention week falls in September, and if you'd like more information about Dial Help, click here .