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      The benefits of buying local food products

      Governor Rick Snyder has declared this Local Foods Week across the state of Michigan.

      In a document announcing his declaration for this week, Snyder said the food and agricultural industry creates almost 1 million jobs and contributes over $91 billion to the state's economy each year. And, if Michigan residents spend $10 a week on Michigan-made grocery products, that would pump $40 million a week into the state's economy.

      Mona Lang, executive director of the Marquette Downtown Development Authority, said there are many opportunities to support local foods across the Upper Peninsula, like shopping at local farmers markets.

      "As we support local growers and support local farms, that certainly is incentive for them to increase their production to invest in what they do," said Lang.

      Lang added that people can also support local food by dining at restaurants that use meat and produce from around the area.