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      The best band in Michigan

      A Marquette band has been voted the best band in Michigan and will now vie for the title of best in the nation. Everything Under the Sun was voted number one in the Charter Center Stage contest.

      The competition pits bands against one another with the grand prize being $25,000 and a chance to open up for some major acts. The band won the first round, and now they've set their sights higher.

      "We're so incredibly appreciative of everyone who helped us vote to get us to win the state of Michigan. The voting is not done yet though. We start up again on Monday, and it's going to be a two-week battle, but with the community support, I know we can do this," said Bret Hanson, vocalist for the band.

      The band is also working on a studio album and a 28-state tour next summer. The next round of voting begins Monday. To vote for Everything Under the Sun, click here. For the band's Facebook page, click here.