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      The big brat benefit

      The annual brat sale took place Thursday on Ludington Street in Escanaba. Hosted by the Community Action Agency, the sale raises money for heating assistance.

      Community members were lining up to buy fresh grilled Viauâ??s Market brats. For only $2 per brat, hungry locals were able to fill their stomachs and warm the homes of neighbors in need.

      With the near record breaking cold winter and high propane costs, the CAA has already given out $191,000 of state money this winter. In addition, they have spent around $50,000 of their Walk for Warmth money; more than they typically raise during a campaign.

      During the sale it seemed to be rare for customers to walk away with just one brat. Many people were paying with larger bills and saying, â??keep the change.â??

      â??We have people that are waiting in line for their brats,â?? said CAA executive assistant Kathy Pearson. â??And, people are tipping well, paying more than the brats cost. So, we really appreciate that. That goes a long way to help our neighbors.â?? She hopes the sale will raise $3,000.

      The sale is a kick-off for the CAAâ??s Walk for Warmth taking place next weekend.