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      The calm before the storms

      Meteorologists say that tornadoes and other severe weather are possible on Thursday.

      The recent heat and humidity are key ingredients in the severe weather threat. Tornadoes are rare in the Upper Peninsula, averaging only one a year. Delta County records the most with 10 confirmed tornadoes since 1950, and Houghton County the least with only one, but every U.P. county reports at least one.

      The last tornado was June 8 of 2012, which was an EF1 that caused minor damage in Marquette County. The National Weather Service says that even if there is only a chance for tornadoes, it is worth paying attention to.

      "Be listening: a NOAA weather radio, TV, media outlets for updates on the information that is available," said Meteorological Technician David Petrovich. "With the tools that we have on hand now versus what we had 20 to 30 years ago, we're able to spot where these things are developing."

      To submit weather reports, send information to the Marquette National Weather Service office through their website . You can also submit reports by calling local law enforcement or via social media with TV6 and FOX UP. Weather-related photos are also welcome.