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      The Christmas Project

      Barbie dolls, coloring books, and princess costumes. This is what every little girl dreams of seeing Christmas morning.

      Jen Sebbas isn't keeping all the gifts on her dining room table for her own children, though. She's collecting them for two special four-year-olds: Mchalie Walter and Ana Olsson.

      Mchalie has leukemia, and Ana has a rare brain tumor.

      "Their diagnoses came just right on the heels of one another," Sebbas said. "Immediately you could feel the community starting to almost embrace them and hug them. And everybody wanted to know what they can do, and me being so close to both families, it was really a no-brainer."

      Sebbas is the coordinator of The Christmas Project. She's been collecting toys and monetary donations for both families all month.

      "Both of them are out of town right now, and I can't imagine being out of town, going through treatments with your child, and then having to figure out how to pull together Christmas," said Sebbas. "So I just knew that it was something that they needed our help, or even if they didn't need it, it was something that we as a group wanted to give."

      While Mchalie and Ana are in and out of treatments, the princess gifts keep coming in.

      Vicky Driscoll said she jumped at the opportunity to give back.

      "These two little girls are fighting a battle that no family should ever have to fight," Driscoll said. "I happen to know both of these little girls and their parents, and I just wanted to give back, and I wanted to show my kids that there's value in the giving and not just in the receiving."

      After the holiday is over, Sebbas says you can still donate to both families by purchasing a Princess Warrior t-shirt. The t-shirts are available by ordering here.