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      The class of 2018 get ready for transition

      In six months, the class of 2018 will be entering their first year of high school.

      Over 200 8th graders from Father Marquette, Bothwell and home-schooled students visited Marquette Senior High School to become familiar with the school, teachers and classes.

      The students were greeted by the staff and a group of high school students who encouraged them to get involved in school activities like clubs, sports and band during high school.

      The eighth graders were exposed to all aspects of high school as they went through 12 sessions which included seminars on transitioning and a tour of the school.

      "So far I've learned where the classes are and who the teachers are," says Father Marquette student, Sterling Wright.

      Marquette Senior High School students had a half day during the eighth graders' visit.

      Wednesday, parents of those students are invited to a meeting at Marquette Senior High School at 7 p.m. in the theatre room.