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      The climb of your life

      For those in search of a mental and physical challenge, rock climbing is the sport that foots the bill. Guide Evan "Eagle" Clendening says after his first climb with friends, he was hooked.

      â??I figured it was a great sport to try out, and what is more accomplishing than climbing Mother Nature's most powerful structure,â?? says Eagle.

      He believes the sport is more mind over matter. Wildman Adventure Resort in Niagara attracts climbers of all ages, shapes and sizes, eager to test their abilities on Dickinson Countyâ??s rock faces.

      â??I've seen people as young as 10 to 12 years old climb this, and I've seen people as heavy as 300 pounds get up the wall,â?? Eagle says.

      A young climber named Anna said she and her family were in search of a fun-filled adventure and came all the way from Iowa City, Iowa for todayâ??s climb.

      â??Hope we can make it up to the top,â?? says Anna. â??Hopefully I just wonâ??t look down until I get to the top and then feel pretty great once I get up there.â??

      Luckily Anna and the other climbers all made it up the 60-foot wall with the help of Eagle's and each other's advice. Their best tips for a successful climb is trust your feet and never look down.

      â??I looked down and I was like, oh jeez! Not looking down again,â?? Anna says.

      Eagle encourages others to come test their mental and physical limits on the beautiful terrain the U.P. has to offer.

      Contact Wildman Adventure Resort if you are interested in rock climbing.

      Adult Rate: $77 per personYouth Rate: $73 per personTrip Dates:April 1 â?? November 15Trip Times: 9:30 a.m. & 2:30 p.m.Trip Duration: 4-5 hoursMinimum Age: 12 years oldTrip Includes: Helmet, Harness, Guide and all safety equipment