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      The CopperDog 150 begins

      Venders lined the streets offering all types of foods and sweets while kids got a chance to have a meet and greet with the dogs.

      While spectators came to see the sled dogs, they also got a chance to see a brand new starting gate.

      â??Some lumber was donated, and we had a local craftsman design it. It is a huge 16-foot tall by 12-foot wide structure thatâ??s as high as the street lights in downtown Calumet,â?? said Race Director Todd Brassard.

      Just over 25 mushers stood at the starting line with the sled dogs filled with anticipation.

      â??Iâ??ve never seen one of these and Iâ??ve missed the last three here, and it was a nice warm night to take my family out. Itâ??s pretty exciting. The girls love animals,â?? said spectator Kristyn Keranen.

      This is 15-year-old Aurora Mackenzieâ??s very first race traveling this far, and she will be second out of the chute.

      â??I had my first race when I was two and it was just a one do grace. I donâ??t think we can come in first, but weâ??ll just go out there and finish I guess, so Iâ??m excited! I just want to get it started and letâ??s just get going,â?? said Mackenzie.

      And they are off! The crowd cheered as the mushers headed onto the trials.

      The 150-mile three day race will have mushers traveling from Calumet to Eagle Harbor then to Copper Harbor, and after they climb Brockway Mountain, they will head back to Calumet.

      If you could not make it out tonight, do not worry, there are still two days left to watch these sled dogs in action.