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      The dangers of a desk job

      For many employed professionals a typical work week is spent confined to a cubicle. Paul Beauchamp is one of many whose long hours behind a desk took a toll on him physically.

      â??I spend a lot of time in front of the computer at work,â?? explains Beauchamp. â??Iâ??d end up going home stiff necked.â??

      He decided to see UP Rehab physical therapist Sara Edlebeck for some much needed pain relief.

      Dr. Edlebeck says â??sitting is one of the worst things for your backâ?? and â??if your doing it for a very long time you end upâ?? with back injuries.

      Edlebeck made adjustments to Beauchampâ??s work environment to help heal some of his aches and encourages others who may suffer from severe pain to seek assistance from their own medical professionals.

      â??We changed his computer screen height, we altered the way his desk and his arm rests, as well as the length of the seat of his desk,â?? says Edlebeck.

      She includes that adding a little more movement to your day can also help like parking farther away from where you work or taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

      Also taking a 10 minute break, standing up or stretching every few hours can provide pain relief.