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      The dangers of breakwalls on Lake Superior

      As the weather starts to get cooler and more unpredictable, the Marquette City Fire Department is reminding people to stay off of the north breakwall when the waves are high.

      Late fall and early winter are the stormiest times of the year in Upper Michigan, and high waves often wash over the breakwall. People may head down there for a great view of Lake Superior, but the fire department warns the breakwall is not always safe this time of year.

      "The weather gets really unpredictable this time of year: storms can brew up very quickly and the waves can gather and end up going right over the breakwall," said Marquette Fire Chief Tom Belt. "We do have a fence at the base of the breakwall, we do have signage warning people. We rely on people's common sense, but we have had drownings out there as a result of people being washed off because of the waves."

      The fire department checks the area near the breakwall at lease twice a day. They also follow the marine forecast and updates the city's website daily.