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      The dangers of Craigslist

      An online report says from 2010 to 2011 over 300 crimes have been linked by law enforcement to Craigslist. What should you know to protect yourself?

      Local law enforcement say they've had several cases with Craigslist crimes for fraud and rental rip offs. Red flags include postings that ask you to do a money wire transfer. Police say wire transfers have no ties to personal information, making it an easy scam. They also mention that any seller or renter who avoids meeting in person or speaking on the phone is another warning sign.

      "A lot of times people will come down here to verify something through us and we can detect whether or not it is fraudulent and then we would advise them," said MPD Detective Sergeant Michael Kohler.

      "I always meet in a public place to make an exchange," said Facebook fan Leanne.

      Police added that if you are sent a check for more than what you are owed, that is also a red flag.