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      The effectiveness of home school

      The debate between public and home schooling continues with our Facebook Story of the Day.

      Proponents of public schooling emphasize the benefit of social interaction and learning in a structured environment.

      "What is the social impact on home schooled kids? In my experience, they often lack social skills from not experiencing life with other students their age," said Facebook user Heather Lawson.

      Some home school supporters say that students still have chances to be around other kids.

      "They have a ton of chances to be around other kids. There are so many home school activities, too. There's the Dome Day every month in the winter where all the home schooled kids can just get together and run around in the (Superior) Dome," said home school teacher Susan Rapavi. "There are just so many that we couldn't even participate in all of them even if we wanted to."

      Yet another argument against home schooling is that it can leave students unprepared for higher education.

      Josh Rapavi has graduated from his home schooling program and is now applying to colleges.

      "I feel completely prepared for college, I scored in the 97th percentile on my ACT test, and I know that some universities look for home schooled students because of the type of education that we get," said Josh Rapavi.

      The Rapavi family also said that they enjoy the flexibility that home schooling provides. It allows them a chance to still do activities during the day and get their studies completed.