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      The end for Upward Bound

      The Upward Bound program at Northern Michigan University is closing in August. The program has been helping disadvantaged high school students prepare for college for more than 30 years.

      With a budget of more than $300,000 spread over five years, the federal government did not renew funding for Upward Bound. The program provides tutoring, workshops and other assistance through federally-funded employees and current NMU students.

      "The biggest loss, I think, is just the assistance for the students who need it most, students who really could use some preparation, some ease in transitioning to college and the skills they need to not only make the transition but succeed in college," said NMU News Director Kristi Evans.

      Sixty-five students a year participate in the program that runs in semesters year-round. Those in the program are usually recruited when they're freshmen in high school. This August will be the final month of the program.