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      The evolution of gaming consoles

      Video game consoles are not just for playing games anymore. They're now Internet browsers, music players and much more.

      Gone are the days of solely two-dimensional video games in large, bulky cartriges with game consoles to match.

      They've been replaced by sleek, high powered systems that give us hyper-realistic 3D graphics.

      Video games have come a long way, but game consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One have gone so much further.

      "The Xbox One can completely replace your cable box, for instance. It can do live streaming on current TV, also with Internet streaming through Netflix or Hulu." says Marquette Best Buy employee Ben Chaney.

      Nowadays it seems like we can do almost anything with these consoles.

      We can play DVD's and Blu-Ray's, surf the Internet, stream entertainment right to our TV's and download most anything we can think of.

      We can even have it all in the palms of our hands with handheld systems like the PS Vita.

      And unlike alternative gaming systems such as computers, which require constant upgrades to keep up with new games, consoles barely require any.

      "They don't really need to be upgraded, they do have those software updates for bug fixes and things like that. But as far as actual gaming console upgrades go, it's not going to be that common." said Chaney.

      That's pretty impressive, but according to at least one person in the industry the future of consoles is going to be even more so.

      "The future is definitely limitless. I think its gonna only be getting better and better for the gamer. You're getting more and more for every system that you buy and you're not paying much more. So, you're actually getting a lot more capabilities for around the same price for each next-gen console." said Tim Hansen, owner of Gamer's Universe in Escanaba.