82 / 59
      85 / 61
      86 / 63

      The "Gobblers" win!

      It was an intense ultimate Frisbee game played Thursday at Marquette Senior High School. The tournament began with 35 teams, and in the end it all came down to two.

      Mr. Cole's Gobblers vs. Madame Maki's La Corbeille Blanche played the final double elimination game at William Hart Stadium.

      Almost the entire school participated in this event, which is held through the MSHS Advisory Program. Participants say ultimate Frisbee supports building healthy, lasting relationships among students and faculty through a team player game.

      "Oh, we love it, we love it! It's so much fun. You get to see all kinds of interesting ways of how to do it and how people are playing. Obviously, today is not going well, but it's alright!" said Hannah Cramppon, a Gobblers team member.

      The teams tied, and a game of sudden death had to be played. In the end, Mr. Cole's Gobblers took the win.

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