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      The hunt is on for deer season supplies

      Many Upper Peninsula residents already know opening day is Thursday, but are the stores keeping up with the demands of what hunters are looking for?

      Econo Foods in Houghton said their shelves are stocked, and it's definitely not too late to buy the supplies you'll need to take to camp.

      Some of the top items on every hunter's list are rutabagas, stew meat, and beer.

      "A lot of them will buy things tonight to get ready for the camp, and they'll come in Monday morning even, or Sunday morning, to pick up more supplies," said Scott Rubich of Econo Foods. "The hunting season is two weeks, so they'll come in and pay and then go hunt."

      For those of you buying food for Thanksgiving dinner, the store manager recommends buying the turkey early because it can take up two days to thaw.