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      The importance of tuning your skis

      As the snow begins to pile on and more ski hills open for the season, it's important to make sure your skis are well maintained.

      If skis are not sharp and waxed, they won't slide as well and will make it harder to turn and stop. For most skiers, it's a good idea to tune your skis three to four times a season.

      If you're a racer, then you may want to get it done more often than that. Tuning includes flattening the base, edging the sides of the skis to an acute angle, and then polishing and waxing the ski.

      Brad Kusz at HW Rider in the Indianhead Mountain Resort says that tuning your skis is protecting your investment.

      "You go out and you pay anywhere from $400 for a pair of skis to $1200 for a pair of skis, and keeping them maintained is a big part of keeping the ski and performance and your ability with what's going to happen; that's going to make it a lot better and easier for both of you," said Kusz.

      Ski tuning normally takes less than 45 minutes, according to Kusz.