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      The JROTC is trading in boots for skates

      Inside the Calumet Colosseum ice rink, the JROTC Color Guard is preparing for their daily practice. With ice skates in hand, this 20 member group is lacing up and heading onto the ice. "We're the only battalion that I know of that has a skating Color Guard program like this. We do every single sports game that we can, including hockey games. This is probably the most unique program I've ever seen," said Cadet Battalion Commander Joseph Cullen. Calumet High School's JROTC was started in 1917, and their on-ice program started about 12 years ago. They can be seen with their flags posted high before different hockey games around town. Waking up early to make it in time for a 6:45 practice two days of the school week may be tough for some, but the students involved in this program say it's definitely worth it. "A lot of it has to do with the people who are on the team. I mean we're all committed to it and willing to get up this early, and we work together as a team. We're kind of like a family," said Cadet Mst. Sgt. Dana Spelich. Though it may look easy, holding on to the flags and rifles takes a lot of balance and coordination, and the ROTC members that follow also have to make sure they stay in the correct line formations. Another thing that stands out within this program is the overall impact, progression, and growth that can be seen within each cadet. "I think their motivating factor is teamwork, camaraderie, and accomplish something together," said Major Mike Farley, Senior Army Instructor. This team is hoping their next stop is to post the flags at a Detroit Red Wings game. Once practice is over, it's time for these cadets to hang up their skates and go back to being students.