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      The Marquette Symphony is back with some music you'll recognize

      The Marquette Symphony Orchestra kicks off their 16th season on Saturday night with a pops concert. The program features just one composer, but his music is very familiar to all ages.

      John Williams' music has been featured in movies for over six decades.

      The award winning composer's work will be performed by the Marquette Symphony Orchestra on Saturday at 7:30 p.m.

      MSO Concertmaster Janis Peterson explained what makes his music so popular.

      "He is fabulous at being able to capture what the movie, what the story is about and portray it through his music," said Peterson.

      Even though the program includes only one composer, audience members should expect a lot of variety in Saturday's program.

      "He has a wide range of styles that he covers in his music," Peterson said. "So you have everything from Superman, which is super high energy, to Schindler's List, which is very slow and somber."

      Other selections on the program include music from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and selections from both the older and more recent Star Wars films.

      Harry South, a member of the MSO bass section and a music student at NMU, enjoys the music from the original Star Wars series and expects that the audience will, too.

      "It's very nostalgic. Even though I didn't grow up necessarily when it came out, I listened to it a lot when I was younger," said South.

      Peterson added, "On a pops concert like this, there's so much excitement in the air. It should be a very full house, and you can feel the energy between the orchestra and the audience."

      There are about 70 members of the ensemble that is supported by donations from the community. The orchestra is directed by Maestro Jacob Chi. The MSO consists of musicians of all ages, according to Peterson.

      "The Marquette Symphony is comprised of a lot of local players, adults and students," she said. "And there are some people who come to play with us from parts of Wisconsin and all over Michigan."

      Peterson, who leads the orchestra program at Marquette Area Public Schools, is one of many teachers in the orchestra. Many other professions are also represented in the MSO.

      Members of the group look forward to concerts for many reasons, including the chance to reunite with their musical colleagues.

      "It's really exciting for me because my high school orchestra teacher comes up to play with us," Peterson said. "He comes up from Ypsilanti. And a colleague of mine that I've taught with for years comes up from Kalamazoo area. So there are a lot of people who combine efforts to make this a really exciting event."

      Tickets for Saturday night can be purchased in advance online, at NMU ticket outlets, and at the door.

      For more information on the rest of the MSO schedule, visit their web site, .