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      The mudder of all challenges

      If you live in Iron Mountain, you might want to grab some clothes you can get muddy in.

      A mini-version of the "Tough Mudder" race is being hosted by the Northern Lights YMCA, and it??s called the Mountain Mudder. It??s taking place this Saturday, August 10, at the Pine Mountain Ski Resort. Start times will begin in waves between 7 and 10 a.m. The challenge is a non-competitive family-style race with various obstacles to overcome.

      ??We??re going to have a Slip 'n Slide, there'll be a mud pit, so you're going to get nice and dirty,?? explained coordinator, Karen Pollock. ??We??re going to climb the stairs at Pine Mountain; after that, we'll work our way around the ski hill, and there'll be a tire challenge and a hay bale climb. A little bit of a challenge, but not too much, so everybody can enjoy it.??

      You can register the day of the challenge or register online and save some money.