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      The National Trappers Convention has arrived in Escanaba

      The National Trappers Convention has begun at the U.P. State Farigrounds in Escanaba. It is expected to draw a crowd of 8,000 people from across the country. The convention has over 600 vendors, games and demonstrations.

      The largest trapping convention of the year draws a crowd of both new and experienced trappers.

      For many, this is their first time attending the national event.

      â??Itâ??s great so far, I canâ??t believe how big it is,â?? said Wisconsin trapper Joe Malinowski. â??I mean its way bigger that the Marshfield Trappers Convention down in Wisconsin. A lot of people. Itâ??s exciting to see from all over the country instead of just the couple surrounding states.â??

      Every hour, each day there are demonstrations put on by professional trappers.

      â??Well, I just like going to see some of the demos,â?? Malinowski said. â??You get to see different experts in the field of tapping. Kind of give you tips and pointers. Thatâ??s really nice; you get to learn a lot in a short period of time from some of the demos.â??

      James Comstock was one of today's demonstrators from New York. He has been trapping for nearly 50 years. He began as a fur trapper and transitioned into a Nuisance wildlife control operator. He captures and removes unwanted critters. During his demonstration, Comstock explained why he doesn't use bait while on the job.

      â??If he doesnâ??t like what youâ??ve got or the bait goes bad or stale or something else eats it, guess what? Youâ??re out of business,â?? said Comstock. â??So, if you go to the animal with your trap and you know where heâ??s traveling, you can catch him and you play his game.â??

      For those of you still in need of some trapping advice or even just a few products the convention is running now through Sunday.