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      The need for blood turns critical

      Marquette General Hospital staff members say that the need to draw blood is becoming increasingly critical by the day.

      MGH holds blood drives multiple times a week across the Upper Peninsula which is then supplied to 12 hospitals in the Upper Peninsula.

      Since December, they've struggled with a low supply and recent snowstorms halted some of their blood drives only adding to the problem. All negative blood types, especially O, are at the top of the needed list, however, positive blood types aren't far behind.

      Thursday, MGH had a blood drive with staff to help with the issue. Blood drive coordinator Sallie Coron explained that anyone 17 and older can donate "a pint of blood" every eight weeks.

      "One pint can save up to three lives," said Coron.

      If you want to donate, check out the calendar www.mgh.org for more details.