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      The need for speed

      It's an exciting and adrenaline-pumping trip around the track at Norway Speedway, but for drivers, it's more than just putting the pedal to the metal. A lot of time and money goes into keeping those cars on the track.

      "My car here, I've probably got about $30,000 alone just in the car, and then I've got another $15,000 in the trailer," said Mike Reichenberger, a regular at the speedway.

      In today's economy, racers are looking for ways to cut back while still remaining competitive. One of the ways that drivers are saving a little more green is by using less expensive parts, such as crate motors, which costs about $5,000 but have a longer life expectancy than other motors.

      Reichenberger has been racing for thirty years and he's passed down his love for the sport to his 16-year-old son Brandon, who's just started racing at the speedway this year. It's a passion that requires a lot of their time. On average, they spend two to three hours a night working on their cars. For them, it's worth it.

      "Preparation is everything when it comes to racing, and if you're not prepared, it doesn't even pay to come," explained Brandon.

      Preparation can only help so much on the track, however. With the cost of repairs, many racers these days can't afford an accident.

      "Racers always find the money for the beginning of the season, but as the season goes on, you're probably going to see cars dwindle," Mike said. "They're one accident away from staying home."

      That doesn't, however, diminish the Reichenbergers' love for the sport, nor does it deter their competitors who also feel that need for speed.