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      The Nutcracker Ballet comes to Calumet Theatre

      The timeless story of a girl and her nutcracker doll comes to life on stage Friday and Saturday at 7 p.m. at the Calumet Theatre.

      Hancockâ??s Superior School of Dance will perform the Nutcracker Ballet, featuring all the traditional songs and dances.

      Choreographer Allison Berryman said composing the dance pieces for this classic production was a dream come true.

      â??I think itâ??s every dancer and choreographerâ??s dream to be able to do the Nutcracker,â?? said Berryman. â??Itâ??s such a traditional and amazing production, and just the fact that I get to put my name on this is really, really cool.â??

      A small cast of just over 30 girls will perform the ballet pieces with a bit of a twist. A variety of dance styles will also be incorporated, giving the show an added element of creativity.

      â??Weâ??ve got tap, ballet, jazz, modern, which is a little bit different,â?? Berryman explained. â??Thatâ??s one thing we did. We kept the traditional aspect of ballet, but then we added in some other forms of dance just to keep the audience really interested.â??

      â??Since weâ??re a small school, everybody gets a lot of parts, and we get to do more advanced parts, the younger girls,â?? said Seoyoung Hong, who plays the Sugar Plum Fairy. â??So, itâ??s a good experience.â??

      The dancers said theyâ??ve put in countless hours of practice perfecting pointed toes and pirouettes.

      â??The preparation is really fun and also just being on stage and being able to show the community what we do here at the school, and I think itâ??s great to come and watch,â?? Hong said.

      For ticket information to see the Nutcracker Ballet, visit the Calumet Theatre website here .