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      The past, present, and future of Marquette General Hospital

      In the six months since the sale, $191 million has been spent in total: $23 million went to create the Superior Health Foundation, $73 million paid off all the hospital debt, and $95 million went to fully funding employee pensions.

      "Itâ??s very good for all of us to know that all of our financial security with our retirement, all our benefits, are secure," said Cindy Ampe, Director of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

      That's only the beginning. Another $1.3 million was used to hire 12 specialty physicians.

      Skandia resident Ellen Bonner sees everything as a "plus, plus."

      "I canâ??t see anything negative about it," added Bonner.

      When the deal was first publicized, not everyone was happy with the decision. Some residents were concerned that quality care was going to go out the window once everything centered on profit.

      The CEO, Gary Muller, said thereâ??s "no difference" in the quality of care between for-profit and nonprofit.

      "The deep dive, as we called it, got us the needs going forward in the future," explained Muller.

      Over the next decade, an additional $300 million will be provided for everything from facility facelifts to technology upgrades.

      "Cancer center, surgery center, medical office building, and patient private rooms," Muller said.

      And now that the hospital is for-profit, several million in sales and property tax revenue will be generated for the City of Marquette.