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      The price of getting into mountain biking

      What's the up front cost of getting into the sport of mountain biking?

      With a host of well maintained trails in Upper Michigan, mountain biking is a popular sport, and according to those already biking, the cost depends on your level of experience.

      "Keep in mind there are different levels to every sport, and you should not just run out and drop $2,500 on a new full suspension bike," wrote Facebook user Tracy Strong. "Start out on the low end, make sure you actually enjoy it, then build up to a better bike."

      Some high end mountain bikes can run thousands of dollars. Jeff Stasser from Down Wind Sports says entry level bikes don't have to break your bank.

      "Generally a hard tail mountain bike is the most affordable because it's the most commonly produced, and you can ride them around town and kids can ride them to their friend's house, but they have a capability of doing a lot more," said Stasser.

      Hard tail bikes start at $200 to $300.

      It's also a good idea to get a helmet. Some stores offer discounts on helmets when you purchase a new bike.

      Have you ever considered mountain biking or have a favorite trail? Let us know in the comments below.