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      The Price was Right for Marquette Man

      A Marquette native made it to the final round of a popular morning game show. Joe Thierry made it all the way to the Showcase Showdown on the episode of the Price is Right that aired Wednesday morning. Thierry made it out of Contestants Row by guessing the exact price of a dining room set. After making it on stage he won the Bargain Game. Against all odds Joe won the Big Wheel Spinoff with a mere 40 cent spin landing him in the Showcase Showdown. Joe said that even though he ultimately didn't win a trips to London, Belgium and Thailand in the Showcase he still came home a winner.

      "It didn't even matter," Thierry said. "It was just a perfect experience."

      Theirry ended up going home with a dining room set, purses and high heels, a grill and a memory that will last a lifetime he says.