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      The right to bear arms

      A group in Iron Mountain is raising concerns about their second amendment rights. They're worried about stricter gun control measures being proposed in Washington. The group, ACE, which stands for Americans for Constitutional Enforcement, invited sheriffs from Vilas, Florence, Menominee, and Dickinson counties to discuss gun control. They wanted assurances that local law enforcement would not take away their guns. The Menominee County Sheriff read a statement released by the Michigan Sheriff's Association.

      "I will not tolerate federal interference in the matters of the state. My deputies and I will not allow the unconstitutional confiscation of guns from law-abiding citizens of Menominee County, nor will I allow federal or state officials to disarm law-abiding citizens in my jurisdiction," read Marks. The sheriffs also added that they've seen a considerable increase in concealed carry permits within their counties.