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      The story behind our ancestors

      <p>Vernon Evans stands next to his familyâ??s car during a stop along their journey from South Dakota in July 1936.</p>

      America is a melting pot of citizens whose ancestors, at one point or another, immigrated here to start a new life, often leaving behind everything from families to possessions. Now some of those remaining pieces of history will be on display here in Upper Michigan."Journey Stories" has been awarded for exhibition to only five museums in Michigan, and Erickson Center for the Arts is one of the lucky winners. The exhibit will tell the tales of how our ancestors made their way to America for the promise and hope of fortune, family and freedom.

      "It seems like a really important detail in one's life to know where you came from," said Ruthette Mills, Chairman of the Fine Arts Committee for the Erickson Center for the Arts.

      The exhibit is being brought here by the Smithsonian Institution and opens November 25.Erickson Center for the ArtsN9246 Saw-Wa-QuatoPO Box 255Curtis, MI 49820For full details, head to the museum website by clicking here.