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      The traveling Missoula Childrenâ??s Theatre visits Escanaba

      The traveling Missoulaâ??s Childrenâ??s Theatre is in Escanaba again. This Montana-based summer program provides a fun, creative environment for kids of any age or skill level to learn about life and acting. Their week ends this Saturday with a fun performance of Blackbeard the Pirate.

      Since 1972 the Missoula Childrenâ??s Theatre has been touring the county, teaching children life skills and passion through participation in the performing arts.

      One trait that grows in the children almost immediately is confidence.

      â??Even just in the auditions you get to watch some of them start off a little bit quieter and they just come out of their shell and there they are!â?? said tour director, Sam Ricci.

      Some of the students learn these skills while hoping to one day become a professional actor.

      â??You really have to focus to be your character, and where to go and know where everyone else is, remembering your lines is probably a big one,â?? said Peach Fuzz the pirate, Vijay Kennedy.

      Other kids do it as a creative past-time.

      â??I just find it enjoyable and fun to just be somebody else like whoâ??s just world away from who you are,â?? said Beach Bum #4, Isabella Wessel.

      Whether amateur or aspiring professional, all the kids seem to be looking forward to their big show.

      â??Itâ??ll be really cool,â?? Kennedy said. â??You have dancing, singing, a lot of action parts, itâ??s going to be fun.â??

      The performance is this Saturday at 3 and 6:00. Tickets are on sale online or at the Bonifas Fine Arts Center for $7.00.