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      The true meaning of Memorial Day

      It may not happen to everyone, but the real meaning of Memorial Day can sometimes get lost when making those long weekend plans.

      But Memorial Day has a much deeper meaning.

      "The most important thing is all the freedom you have. Complete freedom," said Paul Davignon, an United States Army airline mechanic veteran.

      And that is what Memorial Day is really about: honoring our fallen soldiers who gave us our freedom.

      It began when the Civil War ended. At first it was called Decoration Day to represent when our nation came together and honored those who perished in the war.

      It wasn't until the 20th century came to pass when the holiday became Memorial Day, now dedicated to everyone who has died during military service.

      "My son is in Boy Scouts, so we went and put all the flags up for Memorial Day for the veterans," said Derrick Jones, who will be celebrating Memorial Day this weekend.

      "All of this [Memorial Day] makes me enjoy how great we [veterans] are. We're not just making something to eat or drink or anything like that, because every bit of it [service] was, 'Hey, I'm glad I'm in here.' And I really was," Davignon said.

      So when you go and enjoy your longer weekend with fun festivities, food, and friends, just remember to take a moment to stop by the cemetery to honor your loved ones and others who have served our country. They have passed on, yet their memory remains.