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      The U.P. has two new Queens

      Two take home the crown and prestigious title of Miss Upper Peninsula and Miss Teen U.P., Kaylyn Kutchie and Iris Robare.

      This year, fifteen girls competed for the title, and some say the process has brought them together.

      "The girls, the girls are so nice I feel like I have known them forever so far," said Gabby Movalson, Miss Teen contestant.

      It's been nine years since there was a Miss U.P. and Miss Teen U.P. pageant.

      "It's a very exciting event. I'm so pleased to finally have the opportunity to give girls the chance to try something new, go out and do something they have never done before and chase their dreams," said Jennifer Skogman Wagner, Pageant Director.

      The show started off with a bang as all contestants participated in an opening number. Following that was the swimsuit competition, and the most glamorous part of the evening, the formal wear competition.

      "I'm nervous, personally, about my presentation on stage--how I look, just make sure I show my energy when I'm on stage," said Amy Kuivanen.

      The girls agree this experience has helped their confidence and skills they will take with them forever.

      "Most of us are new, but some have done pageants before and they've all been joys to work with. They've been giving me tips, we've all been learning together, and it has been really fun," said Taylor Kulju.

      The title winners will get the chance to compete in the Miss Michigan and Miss Teen Michigan competition.