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      The Upfront closure changing the entertainment scene

      It's a place where people went for good food and live music, and now, The Upfront & Company is closed, leaving musicians and productions out to dry.

      "A lot of the musicians, you know, they've all had experiences there, and I think it will definitely be missed," said musician Mike Hauswirth.

      And for The Doug Garrison Show, they've broadcasted every one of their 102 episodes from The Upfront. It's a program that runs on FOX UP on Thursday nights, highlighting anything and everything that goes on in the Upper Peninsula. And, up until this week, their home was at The Upfront.

      "We enjoyed having the energy with people in the crowd, especially when we'd have music or some sort of entertainment. So, we're looking for a new home and looking at all kinds of ideas and everything's on the table. We're not sure exactly where we're going to go or how we're going to end up, but we're looking forward to some new opportunities," said Doug Garrison.

      When we asked where they were headed, they said they're keeping their options open.

      The show is looking for another permanent location or considering moving around from venue to venue, but they are sure about one thing: the show will go on.

      "We have great people and events and places across the entire Upper Peninsula. We've got plenty of content. As long as there's electricity to plug the camera in and turn the lights on, we'll keep it going," Garrison added.

      This week the show is broadcasting from Thunder and Lighting studios in downtown Marquette.